A Lucky Day Event {Over}

Is today your lucky day? Find out and hop around to all these blogs hosting sweepstakes you can win hosted by Sason and Pobi. You need to have a Paypal account to win this prize.

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  1. jodi lasher

    I acutally buy them the vita chews.. They love them. 

  2. My kids take vitamins on occasion but mostly I get their vitamins in threw their food and juices…including smoothies. =)
    Jen ~ Gricefully Homeschooling recently posted..Homeschooling Through Chronic Pain {Part One}My Profile

  3. Where did you get the linky code? I am in this event too, but never got the code :/

  4. Gummy chew vitamins

  5. By feeding them lots of veggies and fruit.  Add it to sauces and stews (veggies) and make the fruit fun by cutting it up – use mini cookie cutters – or add it to smoothies.
    Tamra recently posted..Lucky Day GiveawayMy Profile

  6. Brandi Price says:

    Vitamin Gummies

  7. My kids so a good job of eating fruits and veggies, but I give them a multi vitamin everyday too.
    Erin recently posted..St. Patrick’s Day Marble CookiesMy Profile

  8. Kelly A. Tanner says:

    Flinstones vitamins.

  9. Rachel Miller says:

    I am lucky that my daughter loves veggies so that’s how she gets a lot of them :)

  10. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    we use gummy vitamins!

  11. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    My girls take a gummy vitamin every morning and evening.  They also drink one glass of carnation chocolate milk mixture which has a lot of vitamins and protein.  =)

  12. My toddler is not a picky eater, so she gets her vitamins from her food (fruit, veggie, milk, OJ)

  13. Marti Parks says:

    Gummi vitamins are the best.

  14. I don’t have any kids but if I did I’d probably get them gummy vitamins and kids Emergen-C because that’s what I eat :-) although I take regular Emergen-C
    Shane R. recently posted..SKC Giveaway Link-up 3/14/12!My Profile

  15. Margaret Smith says:

    I give them a chewable vitamin each day.
    Thanks so much.

  16. Eileen Burke says:

    By sneaking veggies in wherever I can

  17. We give our daughter a daily vitamin and encourage her to eat fruits and vegetables.

  18. When my ids were little I gave them childrens vitamins. 

  19. 18. Nickel-and-Diming with Nikki points to the wrong link.
    Should point to http://www.nickelanddimingwithnikki.com/2012/03/giveaway-lucky-day-event-win-25.html

  20. Kristie Betts says:

    I have drink Boost and the kids love it to, but they have no clue what its for :)

  21. we give them chewy multivitamins at breakfast

  22. Barbara Montag says:

    They get a daily multivitamin.
    Thank you.

  23. I don’t! I have teens now and they are stubbbbbborn. We just found out that my daughter has a Vitamin D deficiency. UGH!

  24. Jody Sisson says:

    We use Gummi Vitamins.

  25. I don’t have kids, but I have two cats that hate vitamins, so I mix it into their food. then they hate the food:)

  26. Laura Jacobson says:

    We just try to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

  27. paige chandler says:

    Flintstones chewable s. The kids love them

  28. They actually like dairy, yogurt and vegetables strange kids right and I give them chewable vitamins too!

  29. chewable vitamins are great!

  30. Amy Orvin says:

    I don’t have any kids.

  31. Hi there, I have entered your Lucky day, I am also in it. I am a follower of Pinterest, Twitter, G+ GFC, Facebook like as well. hope you can stop by and enter one of my giveaways. Found this on FB group.
    Spring Fling Kids Hop
    @Oh! My Heartsie
    Karren Haller recently posted..Resources! How to Twitter~Did we really knowMy Profile

  32. Ashley Tucker says:

    I don’t have kids

  33. tami husak says:

    i would use it towards my sons open house

  34. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says:

    I give my kids chewable vitamins but they get them from fruits and veggies

  35. put it towards my son’s baseball gear


  36. Noelle Cagle says:

    We’re saving to buy a new TV

  37. Andrea Williams says:

    I would use it to help with my son’s birthday this month.

  38. Jennifer Speed says:

    go to the movies

  39. Dawn Ganey says:

    I would buy me something personal, I need pampering.

  40. Maria Balmeo says:

    Its going to my laptop funds ^^

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  41. april yedinak says:

    Probably on groceries

  42. It would go towards a new dishwasher.

  43. Alicia Zirjacks says:

    I would buy my son some more clothes!

  44. Sarah Tilley says:

    I would use it towards groceries!

  45. I will buy something on ebay!

  46. Andrea Anderson says:

    If I win, I would spend it on gas or groceries :)  Thanks for the giveaway

  47. Tracy Awalt Juliano says:

    I would save it until I found a great deal.

  48. Crystal F says:

    I would get some sandals for one of my girls. thank you!

  49. Denise S says:

    I would buy some books with it.

  50. Kyl Neusch says:

    buy a book

  51. Mary Michaud says:

    pay off bills. 😛

  52. maslinda abdul jamil says:

    when i win, i will saving and buy book at bookstore

  53. Debbie C says:

    I’d buy some essential oils on eBay.


  54. Cynthia C says:

    I will probably buy some books with the paypal cash.

  55. If I won, I would use it to pay a bill.

  56. Stacey P (cosaver213) says:

    If I win, I’m putting it in my gas tank or buying groceries.

  57. Tonya Dean says:

    To buy flea pills.


  58. Dara Nix

    If lucky enough to win, this money will go towards replacing my dead printer!  A new one just isn’t in my budget right now!

  59. Susan O'Bryant says:

    I’d use it to buy picnic supplies – Spring is here!

  60. I’d use the cash to help get my sister a Kindle for her birthday next month. Thanks!

  61. To get some books and birthday gifts
    Abby recently posted..Random Thoughts: January 2012 RAK Wrap UpMy Profile

  62. I would use to help buy a b-day gift for my youngest son. His birthday is coming up next weekend.

  63. buy myself a push present after I deliver this baby in April! Maybe some nice fashion earrings

  64. I would spend it on my prescription meds

  65. saving up for a new phone
    Danielle Anderson recently posted..Spring Green and YellowMy Profile

  66. Kim Reid says:

    I would buy groceries!

  67. Donna George says:

    I need a cover for my Kindle

  68. Kasee Johnson says:

    I have a looonnnngggg wishlist of books waiting to be downloaded to the Kindle app on my iPad. And my kids have a matching list for their eReader. I’d check off a few more with this gift.

  69. I’d buy groceries

  70. I would get as few cloth diapers!

  71. I would use it toward groceries

  72. While I would like to say a haircut, the practical , boring side of me says groceries

  73. Mindy Grant says:

    I am in desperate need of a new car, so I’m saving every penny I can towards that right now, and this $25 would be really nice to add to it! Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  74. maybe for a massage

  75. crystal allen says:

    i would use it for my kids lunch money account at school. they take a lunch box but they get a tray on special occassions and as a treat if they don’t like what we had for dinner. i send healthy leftovers daily along w/ fruit and a drink but they love eating in the cafeteria for some reason. this would give them both 5 lunches each thanks

  76. Lana Bradstream says:

    I would put it toward bills!

  77. wendy wallach says:

    for spending money for my next vacation

  78. nannypanpan says:

    trains for the easter basket nannypanpan@gmail.com

  79. Candice N. says:

    Buy  some new summer clothes :)

  80. Lisa Garner says:

    I would get an Easter Dress for my daughter.

  81. Juana Esparza says:

    I would buy groceries.

  82. JR Pickett (Vicki Vix on r/c form) says:

    Nice giveaway. Thank you.  If I win I’ll probably use this to buy some soy candles as a treat for myself.

  83. I’ll save it for my trip to the Philippines.
    Aisha Holley recently posted..Nikon D800 GiveawayMy Profile

  84. Maria Balmeo says:

    i would save it to buy a new laptop.


  85. I’ll put it toward an Amazon Fire.
    Thanks for the contest.

  86. I’m not working and money is tight so I will put the money towards bills.  Thanks for the giveaway!!
    Sasha W recently posted..March Madness $25 PayPal Giveaway!! Ends 3/31My Profile

  87. Lisa Fisher Walker says:

    I would use it to pay a bill.

  88. Laurie Brown says:

    To buy a book

  89. All cents and dollars are going into a fund for a very important trip we have to take this summer. This money would go there.

  90. Gretchen Gerth says:

    I am hoping to save up enough to get an iPad, this would go towards that.

  91. Theresa Rezler says:

    use to buy a new bed set

  92. Theresa Rezler says:

    couldnt paste the tweet in form

    Theresa Rezler‏@CapturedShotsTR

    Enter to win $25 Paypal Cash in A Lucky Day Event http://bit.ly/z97VMn via @TheresaGrisanti http://mymommysworld.com/a-lucky-day-event.html

    10:49 PM – 20 Mar 12via Tweet Button · Embed this Tweet

  93. Laura Lynch says:

    i’d use it for my etsy account!

  94. DVDS!!
    Thank You!!!!

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