Knitting Thru April ~ K is for Knots

When you really think about it, knitting is just two sticks used to twist yarn into a series of knots.  With two simple knots, knit and purl, you can create an endless combination of patterns. The simplicity that creates such complexity is mind-boggling. Our ancestors probably had mundane uses for knitting when they developed knit […]

Knitting Thru April ~ J is for Joining in the Round

Phew!  I didn’t think I was going to get today’s post done in time.  I had such a hard time with the letter J.  The only thing I could think of was join and I had such a hard time figuring out how to illustrate it without a dozen photos.  I finally settled on joining […]

Knitting Thru April ~ I is for Intarsia

Colorwork was one of my first interests when I started knitting.  There are several ways to achieve the effect of  colorwork in a project, including Fair Isle, double-knitting, and slip-stitch. Intarsia is a simple way to create blocks of color. Typically used for an image or shape in the center of another color. The first […]

Knitting Thru April ~ H is for Hook Beading

Last winter my knitting class did a hook beaded hat and I learned this simple technique for adding beads to any project you are working on. I showed you the results in this post. Best of all the application is so simple you can really dream up a beautiful design and create something lovely with […]

Knitting Thru April – G is for Gauge

Gauge is one of the most dreaded words for most knitters.  Gauge is the number of stitches per inch and stitches per row to make a knitted garment the size and shape you want. Gauge is determined by knitting a sample swatch with the patterns of the project, the yarn and the size needles you […]

Knitting Thru Spring ~ F is for Fair Isle

Fair Isle knitting is one of the most colorful knitting styles.  Fair Isle is characterized by using two or more colors in each row to design a pattern.  It is relatively easy but takes care and patience.  You have to pay attention to the pattern chart and manage two colors while you are knitting.  With […]

Flash Foto Friday ~ My Favorite….

Welcome to the Flash Foto Friday hop hosting by the Blog it Forward team: Taking Time for Mommy, Put a Little Umbrella in your Drink, And The Little Ones Too, and Me! This week’s theme is My Favorite… I couldn’t help sharing more of My Favorite Evidence of Spring with you. Pink Spring Blossoms Grab […]

Knitting Thru April ~ E is for Edges

Finishing a knitting project is probably the most important part.  Until that point you are just working on a big amorphous fabric.  One of my favorite finishing components is the edging you can add to a garment.  I am completely enthralled with lace edgings.  Here are just a few lace edgings from Ravelry that I […]

Knitting Thru April ~ D is for Dyeing

Monday, I had a dream come true. As my obsession with wool grows, I find myself wanting to try everything related to knitting. Even the things that scare me a little, like dyeing. Dyeing wool is a little intimidating.  Just look at any book about dyeing and before you get to the first chapter you […]

C is for Cables ~ A to Z Blogging Challenge

C is for Cables Today is all about knitted cables.  This was one of the first things I wanted to learn when I started knitting.  I find cables truly fascinating. They twist front and back creating a look that is both beautiful and complex. It is actually a very simple technique of holding live stitches […]