Learning Happens All The The Time

My kids are very inquisitive and eager to learn.  My daughter in particular likes to collect journals and pretend she is writing even though she is just learning her letters. She will ask for books and tell us she is getting her information.

To encourage her, we like to keep educational materials around the house to help her learn the skills she is so eager to learn.  My favorite source of materials is the Scholastic website.  They have been a source of educational books since I was a child.  Now they have printable worksheets for all grade levels.

We are currently using the kindergarten printables for our daughter.  I even turned my sister on to the 2nd grade math worksheets for my nephew who is struggling in his math class.

These are great worksheets for homeschoolers as well.  I’m glad I found these great tools to help my kids.  What do you do to support your children’s learning?

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  1. Great website link, thanks for sharing!  We read all summer long, but I want to do more, particularly with math skills, so the worksheets will be great.
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  2. Janelle Prentice says:

    I’ll have to keep these in mind for when my kiddo is a little older. I try to read to him a lot which he loves, and point out colors, letters, and objects to him. (he’s 18 months old)

  3. A friend of mine uses those websites. If your daughter is so eager to learn things like her letters and how to read, why not read with her? My father and I would always practice our reading together, just throughout the day. He would arrange my fries into a letter, and I had to figure out what it was, and it’s sound. When I did, I got to eat them! It was fun, and really easy.
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  4. Yes! We use the Scholastic website often! I agree that it’s a great place for educational helpers. Thanks for sharing!
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