Textbooks and Smiles

College is expensive.  I know it’s an obvious statement and probably the worst way to start a blog post.  But there it is.  No need to sugar coat it.  The reality is, beyond the tuition costs, there are many other ways that college digs deep into your pocket book. Textbooks are a prime example.

The first time I went to the college bookstore, class schedule in hand, the price of an individual book made my eyes bug out.  When the cashier totaled up my overflowing basket of used books (my effort to reduce the total cost), I said a little prayer for my mother’s commitment to paying for my college education. I remember those years when money was scarce and time was a premium.  I couldn’t have done it without help.  That was over 20 years ago.  I can’t imagine what today’s college students pay for their textbooks.

When I heard about CampusBookRentals.com, I felt a bit of wistfulness for those college days…and a bit a gratitude that someone had come up with a solution that helps college students save some money. With the rising costs it is good to know someone is looking out for the future generations…in more ways than one.

Now they have come up with a great way to put more money back into college students pockets.  They have a new program at RentBack.com that allows students (like myself) who wanted to own their textbooks rather than sell them back for a small fraction of what they cost.

Here is how it works:


I love this company and their commitment to making education more affordable to students and families.  But they take it even farther and commit a portion of their sales to Operation Smile.  The international charity that provides life saving surgeries to children all over the world who face death, rejection and a life of difficulty without intervention.  Operation Smile has been a worthy cause since 1982 when they began taking medical professionals to impoverished people around the world and saving children.

Operation Smile

Let’s spread the word and support this wonderful organization.  If you no longer have the need for textbooks, share this opportunity with someone who does.  Then, join the conversation, let us know how you are supporting the young people in your life to get a higher education.

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