Best Contorted Cables

I really love technology.  I remember watching Star Trek as a kid (yes, I am a closet Trekkie but you probably know that from all the sci-fi books I read) and thinking that the tools they used were so cool.  Captain Kirk used a flip-phone like a communicator and then the Next Generation used iPad looking devices to record and share information in a seemingly paperless world.

In our modern world improving technology is everywhere and having all the new devices makes me feel like we are moving faster toward those paperless days.  There are some drawbacks to all the fancy toys we are so intent on acquiring these days.  There are endless cords and connectors that keep everything working together.

In our house, we have no less than two different containers holding all the various cords that we need or may need or have needed. There are the ones that are used frequently for our current toys.  Some we have no idea what device they once connected to.  Then there are the multitudes of cell-phone chargers that you have to replace with each upgrade.  Don’t even get me started on the duplicate cords for ethernet and USB ports.

But those are just the ones we have in storage.  Our house is full of the cords that currently connect all of our computers, routers, modems, phones, printers, cameras, televisions, cable box, gaming system, etc. You know, all of those cords creating a dust collector behind your desk and television.  Even wireless devices need a cable for regular charging.  It is totally out of control.

In an attempt to tame these cords in the past we have resorted to such tricks as twist ties and various other hardware gadgets I don’t even remember the name of.  None of them have ever lived up to the flexibility required to easily contain wires and be able to quickly remove them when new devices inevitably enter the house.

Now I am on the hunt for a new gadget, another addiction of the modern era.  Something like cable slaps from Containing this chaos has become a priority.  It is creating an eye-sore in my office and I can’t stand all the dust collected in the wild tangle of cables.  There has to be a better way.

What do you use for all the cables in your house? (I know you have them because you are reading this with your computer.)

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