Bride of Fae by L.K. Rigel – Book Review

Bride of Fae by L.K. Rigel ~ Book Review

A love more powerful than magic or time.

Beverly Bratton has a safe, mundane life. No drama. No magic. Since her parents died, she’s cared for her little sister Marion and worked at the Tragic Fall Inn. When a fairy’s charm sends Beverly a hundred years into the past and into the path of a banished fairy prince-nothing will ever be mundane or safe again.

The regent of the Dumnos fae is turning the court from light to dark, and there’s nothing the rightful king, Prince Dandelion, can do about it. The mystical coronation cup which he needs to become king has fallen into human hands. When he meets a human woman with access to the cup, everything changes. Beverly is fascinating as well as useful but, of course, Dandelion doesn’t love her.

Love for a fairy is rare. Love with a human, impossible. But when Beverly and Dandelion are thrown together in a battle against both wyrd and fae, they learn that in Dumnos the impossible happens every day.

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In My Opinion


L.K. Rigel writes a compelling page-turner with her newest book, Bride of Fae.  She divulges just the right amount of information to keep the reader searching for one more answer. The story moves quickly but you just never know what is going to happen.  Up until the end, you will be surprised by the twists and turns in the story.  I love books that won’t let me put them down.

The characters are complex and attractive.  The love affair between Prince Dandelion and Beverly is what every woman would want with a lover.  The draw they have toward each other appeals to the romantic side of the reader.  The wonderful character development doesn’t end there.  From the goblin, Max, in love with Princess Narcissus, a fairy who loves to create mischief, to the evil Regent, Idris, plotting against his own people there are so many complexities to each character that you both love and hate.

Captivating story from a wonderful storyteller.  I will surely be looking for more of L.K. Rigel’s stories in the future.  She is an author to watch.

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