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Cars For Moms That Rock!

Best car for momsJust because we want room for the kids and enough space to carry a day’s worth of errands does not mean we should have to settle for a storage shed on wheels. Thankfully, the age of the boxy minivan and the wood-paneled wagon has passed because carmakers have come to realize that Moms need cool cars too. There are cars on the market now that offer better gas mileage, higher safety standards and a fun look that are ideal for the moms that rock.

Many moms have turned to the world of sport utility vehicles in the hopes of finding something fun to drive yet practical enough to justify. In the end, the problem is that most of these vehicles prove to be difficult to handle in crowded parking lots and horribly expensive to keep topped-off with fuel. That is why the Toyota Highlander stands out so well against the current SUV market for moms.

This unassuming 4WD 3.5L Dual VVT-i V6 ECVT Hybrid is the industry’s leading compromise between fuel efficiency and SUV performance. Not only can this seven-passenger SUV run completely on electric motors to get to those short and close destinations that take longer to get the kids in the car for that to actually arrive at, but it also has the most consistent fuel efficiency of any vehicle in its class. This full-sized SUV offers a sensible 28-city and 28-highway.

The electric motors can even be engaged for added off-road torque when arriving at those destinations that require a little more push to climb to. Moms love it because the Highlander is sleek despite being Consumer Report’s number one pick for safety and affordability with plenty of room for everyone’s comfort. It is a welcome replacement for the boxy Aerostar minivan.

Some moms are not fans of the SUV, but sedans just are not big enough. The Ford Country Squire station wagons of the 1970s were popular because they were practical. Today, the wood paneling and land-yacht feel of those 70s wagons are just not the thing moms that rock want to struggle with around town. Fortunately, that American classic was revitalized by another American classic.

The 2012 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon has all the practicality of those old icons, but it has been updated for the modern driver. This wagon actually has a 318 HP 3.6L direct-injection V6 engine, which means it can outperform most mainstream production sports cars without even trying.

Cadillac has taken their years of experience in building classy comfortable vehicles and supercharged it for the modern parent. Not only does this car handle like a dream and offer plenty of useful cargo space, but it is also affordable. The starting price of this coyly disguised roadster starts at less than 40 grand, and there is not a wagon on the road that can match its performance.

Moms that rock need cars that rock, and these two options are just that. Thankfully, we no longer have to sacrifice style and performance to be practical and safe.

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