Enlightened by Melissa Lummis ~ Book Review

Enlightened by Melissa Lummis ~ Book Review

Loti Dupree fears that when her husband died, she lost her soul. Harboring a painful secret, she flees her life in a small Appalachian town for the ashram, the spiritual retreat where she trained to be a yogini. But she is running from more than grief. An ominous nightmare the night before she leaves sets her on a dangerous path of self-discovery that challenges everything she believes – and threatens her life.
While dodging psychic attacks from an unknown assailant, she struggles with her growing attraction to a broody, handsome and completely frustrating vampire. Loti races to understand who and what she is before her anonymous enemy catches up with her.
Loti thought she couldn’t survive her husband’s death, but among healers, witches, and vampires, she discovers not only a future but a family.

In My Opinion

There really is something alluring about vampires…and a little scary. In the paranormal genre, we get accustomed to all the common “truths” we have grown up with about witches, vampires, healers, shapeshifters, and werewolves. These are tested and twisted when Lummis introduces us to a mythical new life form that will intrigue the reader.

Lummis takes some liberties when she introduces a pack of enlightened vampires, working toward the spiritual growth and enlightenment of the world alongside hippies, a guru, and yoginis. Amazingly, it works. You can feel the caring and connection they have with each other and for good. This close-knit group of vampires, witches and healers work to save the world from a demented mind older than all of them.

Enlightened is a well-written story with surprises around every turn. I was up late three nights in a row reading until my eyes could not be propped open. If you are a paranormal genre reader you will enjoy this story immensely and, I imagine, the sequels she promises to deliver.

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