Hair Care Tips for New Mothers

Hair Care Tips For New Mothers

best hair care tips for momsWhether your child comes out with an impressive head of hair or not when it comes to caring for the hair of your little ones, being a new parent can cause a great deal of unanticipated anxiety. Mothers are accustomed to caring for their own bleached hair and so might find themselves all the more clueless when it comes to hair in its natural state.

However, after much practice, personal research, and even some disasters, I bring you the top five tips on caring for children’s hair that I could have used when I first became a mother.

1.    The comb is not your friend

Who would have guessed that combs can cause more harm than good? I learned the hard way what a bad idea it was to use a comb on my child’s hair in order to dry it while also detangling it. To put it shortly, I won’t make that same mistake again. The key is to be as gentle as possible. When detangling, apply as much conditioner and other smoothing products as possible. In the case that you do decide to comb, use a wide tooth- comb, and be sure to wet the hair from tips to the roots. Your child’s hair will be thankful.

2. Try a protective hairstyle

A protective hairstyle is one in which the ends of the hair are prioritized when and protected from excessive breaking and overexposure. Some styles that accomplish this include twists, cornrows, varieties of braids and buns, the list goes on. These styles will save you time, prevent mental breakdowns, and promote the growth of healthy long-lasting hair. Additionally, it is quite the life-saver when you are pressed for time as they are easy to prepare. In order to ensure that the hairstyle lasts for a longer period of time, try tying the hair up in a bonnet at night.

3.   Trim the ends

Damaged or broken ends often spell disaster for natural heads of hair. The compromised hair can damage the strands all the way to the root. In an emergency, look to a hairdresser and ask them to look at your child’s hair. If they do decide to trim a good deal of your kid’s hair, don’t worry. Remember that it is just hair and that it will grow back.

4.   Moisturize 

A little liquid, oil, and crème can go far when it comes to the longevity of your child’s hair. Everybody’s hair is different and so you must find the right products for your child. Keeping your little one’s hair moisturized will help prevent any breakages. A popular moisturizer is coconut oil, an alternative to conditioners that may use harmful chemicals.

5.   Emergencies  

As a mother, you understand that there will always be the occasional hair emergency. For your children, there is no greater emergency than head lice. Our daughter came home with lice, so we hired a local Palm Springs lice removal service. Doctors will recommend a range of products used to fight lice that while effective, are harmful to hair.  You are always best off going to professionals to ensure that your child’s hair remains intact.

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