When a daughter enters adolescence, the mother faces new challenges in raising and guiding her daughter. This period is very important in a girl’s life, where she faces intense physical, mental and social changes. The mother may be the person closest to the daughter and most influential during this stage. Therefore, the role of a mother in dealing with her teenage daughter plays a crucial role in shaping her personality and strengthening their relationship. Mother may feel sad or anxious when her daughter begins to change and develop. She may be saddened by the loss of the close relationship she felt with her daughter in childhood. She may also be concerned about the impact of society and peers on her daughter, and fear being subjected to negative effects or inappropriate behaviors. However, the mother can play an important role in supporting her daughter during this important phase of her life. Here are some tips that can help you as a mother in dealing with your teenage daughter:

Effective listening:
Effective listening is one of the most important tools that helps a mother communicate with her teenage daughter. Girls may face complex challenges and feelings, so the mother must be available to be heard without judgement or evaluation. Listen to her and respect her views and feelings. Try to understand its challenges and problems

Building on Trust:
Confidence-building is key to strengthening the relationship between mother and teenage daughter. The mother must be honest and reliable, respect her daughter’s privacy and show her that she trusts her. This can be achieved by stimulating open and honest dialogue and positive interaction with the daughter.

Expression of love:
Show your daughter how much you love her and support her. She may have difficult times and feel pressured, being there for her and trying to provide the necessary emotional support. A teenage girl needs strong emotional support from her mother. A mother can be the person to whom the daughter turns when she needs advice or enhances self-confidence. A mother must regularly express her love and appreciation and pay attention to her daughter’s passion and respect needs.

Understanding and patience:
You may experience volatile behaviour and challenges in communicating with your daughter. Keep understanding and patience, and remember that it is in a major phase of transformation. You may need some time to find her way and discover her personal identity.

Encouraging interests and talents:
Discover your daughter’s interests and support her in her development. You may have talents or passions in a particular field, try to encourage them and provide opportunities to develop them. This will help it build self-confidence and achieve personal successes. A mother must support her daughter in developing autonomy and discovering her personal identity. The mother should encourage the daughter to discover her talents and interests and help her develop new skills. The mother can provide opportunities for the daughter to participate in outside activities such as sports, arts or volunteerism, thereby enhancing her confidence and independence.

Attention to mental health:
Be sensitive to signs of any psychological stress your daughter may experience. If you notice changes in her behaviour or mood, try carefully to stand by her and seek appropriate help if necessary.

Positive Model:
The mother is an important living model for her teenage daughter. The mother must set a positive example and demonstrate healthy and moral behaviour that the daughter can inspire. The mother must reflect the values and principles she wishes to see in her daughter and express dedication, hard work, respect and attention to others.

Make sure to give your teenage daughter life lessons through your different experiences and indirectly while shopping and cooking food, especially during meals, and know very well that the great compliment and praise of your teenage daughter supports her self-confidence, It makes it more stable in the face of life and its volatility, and its good listening and commenting on its performance, He must come away from the intensity, and remember very well that listening to her does not necessarily mean agreeing to her views.

Ultimately, the mother’s effective interaction with her teenage daughter aims to build a healthy and durable relationship based on trust, respect and emotional support. Through effective communication, listening, support and appropriate boundaries, the mother can help her daughter successfully deal with adolescent challenges and contribute to her personal development and development.

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