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How to Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half

Top 3 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half

grocery bill on budgetAs a mom with three kids, I have to be able to save money any way that I can. With school costs, clothing, extracurricular activities, it seems I am always spending money on something. I have no way of cutting costs on these items but I have learned how to save dramatically on our food costs.

It takes a lot of food to feed a family of five but if you learn the right way to shop, you can spend less money. Below are a few of my favorite tips on how you can cut your grocery bill in half, spending less money on food and putting more money in your pocket.

Shop Smart

Never go to the grocery store hungry. You have to be able to shop smart. Before you go, have a plan. Take a look at your cabinets and see how you can use what you have to create a meal. Perhaps you have hamburger in the freezer and noodles in the cabinet. Well, you only need sauce and you can create a full meal. This means spending about $2 to create an entire meal for your family. Throw in a $1 loaf of bread and you are good to go!

By looking at what you already have you can save money. One of the highest costs when food shopping is meat. The best way to save money on meat is to wait for sales. Plan your shopping for the week around what meat is on sale and buy more than you normally would. For example, if the chicken is on sale for $1.99 a pound, buy enough to cook for the week but also a little extra. This way, by next week, you have chicken left over and you can prepare a meal without having to purchase meat.

Stretching Meals

I like to cook extra so that we can have a meal two days in a row. This saves money and means I get a night off from cooking! I can do this with chili, chicken stew, spaghetti, etc. Basically, you just add a few more of the same ingredients to make the meal stretch for two days. For example, two pounds of hamburger meat, plus two cans of chili beans, two cans of tomatoes and a pack of chili powder cost me around $12. I can purchase two extra cans of beans and create two nights worth of chili. $2 more gives me two nights of food so one meal costing $12 turns into a meal costing $7 each night.

Couponing and BOGO

Couponing is really big right now, but it’s an activity that does take time and research. You have to learn which stores in your area accept coupons and hopefully, you have an option that will double your coupons. This helps you to save the most money on the items you will purchase. Combine coupons with BOGO free sales and you have major savings. Such stores as Publix will double coupons and offer BOGO free sales. This helps you to enjoy maximum savings and stock up on items you need for your home.


By learning how to coupon in your area, you can stay on top of the best deals and begin to stockpile items that can be used each week, helping you to spend less on your grocery bill.

These are just a few ways you can save for grocery costs for your family. Consider how you can cut back. Sometimes just not eating out as much can help you save on your food budget and give you more to spend on your weekly groceries!

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