How to Get Your Kids Involved In Chores

How to Get Your Kids Involved In Chores

The ugly word “chores”. We all hate chores and really wish we could hire a maid to do everything for us. But clothes and dishes have to be washed and laundry put away for our home to be livable. In my home, I have a little help from my three kids. From an early age, I got my kiddos involved in household chores so I had some help and they learned how to do certain activities. Many parents struggle with figuring out how to get kids to do their chores so I thought I would provide a guide on what I did with my children. Check out my process below.

Get Them to Start Young

I start at a very young age with my children, getting them to help with cleaning. I made it fun. When I clean, I turn on music and dance around. So, when my kids were young, we turned on their favorite music and I told them to start picking up. We also used Barney as a tactic with the ever famous ‘Clean Up’ song! My kids danced along to the music and picked up their toys from the living room or their room, whichever area we were working on.

Create a Chore Chart

As the kids got older, I wanted to get them more involved with other chores. From washing dishes to putting up laundry, I needed help and my kids were there to provide it. I created a chart from a poster that could be used to keep track of chores. When the kids were little, elementary school age, I would use stickers as motivation. Once a chore was finished, the child received a sticker. This reward system had to change of course as they age, so I would move up to other rewards.

You can offer a special prize if the child completes a week of chores or you can offer money. Basically, you have to know what will motivate your child to do the work. I start off with simple chores so the kids know they need to help and then work my way up to yard work or harder activities.

This is how I was able to get my kids involved, starting early and offering simple rewards. You know what will work best for your child. Start at a young age to introduce cleaning and then add in other chores as they age. Hopefully, you will have success so you have help around the house without complaint!

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