How to Make Friends At A New School

Top 3 Ways to Make Friends at a New School

This is Catherine, the oldest child and smartest kid of the bunch! Ha! Just kidding. Today, I thought I would post a blog about how to make friends at a new school. I have been one that has moved to a new school and know how terrifying it can be, for the parents as well as the child. My mom worried to death about me making friends when I began a new school which caused me to worry too! Thankfully, I had a few tricks up my sleeve and was able to find new friends quickly. Below are a few tips to help you make new friends.

1. Ask For Help

When you arrive at a new school, search out a friendly face. Ask for help with your class schedule, even if you know where you are going. You can easily meet people by finding someone to help you get to class. Introduce yourself and even ask questions about the campus to get a feel for the person as well as the environment.

2. Talk to at least one person in each class

As you start your first day, talk to at least one person in each class. At least try. I know it can be intimidating, meeting new people for the first time, but try your hardest. Even if you are just asking about the material in the classroom, you can at least ask a question or two to one person in your class. Most people are friendly and will answer back, helping you to get to know others in every class you have.

3. Join a Club

Once you begin the school year, consider joining a club such as Drama or SADD. You can get to know people by joining a club and taking part in activities. When you join the club, the other members will greet you and you can feel more comfortable as you get to know the other members of the club. This is one of my favorite ways to meet new people as you know the members should have similar likes and interests as you do.

Overall, just be yourself. A new school is hard and getting to know people can be difficult. Be willing to put yourself out there and talk to many people so you can find friends who have like interests or goals. I have found just speaking to others can start the path to friendship.

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