1. Use a daily/weekly schedule: Create a daily or weekly schedule to organize your activities and tasks. Divide time between homework, children’s time, and time allotted to yourself and your personal needs.
  2. Leverage technology: Use memo apps and organize tasks on your smartphone or computer to facilitate scheduling and remind you of important tasks.
  3. Prioritization: Identify key tasks and day-to-day priorities. Start accomplishing the most important tasks and make sure you devote enough time to them.
  4. Time allocation for activities: divide time for each activity specifically. You may need to set a time for cooking, cleaning, school review, time to play with children, time to rest and relax.
  5. Cooperation and task distribution: do not hesitate to seek assistance from the partner or other members of the family. Distribute household tasks among individuals to ease the burden on you.
  6. Create a daily task list: Create a daily task list and write down the tasks you need to do that day. Upon completion of each assignment, indicate it as complete.
  7. Optimizing the vacuum: effectively exploit empty times and short spaces. You may use it to accomplish a small task or to plan upcoming activities.
  8. Maintain balance: Don’t forget to keep balance in your life. Make time for yourself and for your fun activities, whether it be hobbies, reading or relaxation.

Remember, it’s important to be flexible and adapt to sudden changes and unexpected conditions. You may need to adjust the schedule or adjust priorities based on new circumstances. I’m listening to the trip and I don’t mean strictly to yourself. Take care of yourself and enjoy your journey as a mother in 2024!

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