Importance of Mothers’ School Attendance: Promoting Communication and Shared Learning

Attending school is important and beneficial for the child and the educational environment alike. The mother’s presence in school enhances family-school communication and contributes to improving the learning experience for children. In this article, we will discuss the importance of the mother attending school and the benefits that can be reflected in the child’s development.

Enhancing communication:
The mother’s attendance at school promotes communication between family and school. Provides the mother with an opportunity to communicate directly with teachers and school staff to discuss the child’s progress and improve their educational experience. The mother can ask any questions or concerns she has and receive advice and guidance from the teaching team.

Follow-up on children’s progress:
With the mother attending school, she has an opportunity to follow the child’s progress in lessons and subjects. They can see the projects, homework and challenges faced by the child. This information enables the mother to identify the child’s needs and help him or her achieve his or her educational aspirations.

Psychological and emotional support:
The mother’s attendance at school enhances the psychological and emotional support of the child. The child feels interested and considered when he sees his mother interested in his educational experience. Provide the mother with an opportunity to provide emotional support, encouragement and confidence-building for the child to deal with the challenges and difficulties he or she may face in school.

Participation in educational decisions:
With the mother in school, she has a role to play in taking educational decisions concerning the child. The mother can share her views and observations on the progress of the child and provide ideas and guidance that she believes may be useful to enhance the child’s learning experience.

Strengthening the school community’s membership:
When a mother attends school, she contributes to strengthening the school community’s membership. With the mother in school, strong bonds are built between family, teachers and students. Children feel belonged and encouraged to participate in school and social activities. The mother can also contribute to voluntary activities and school projects, thus enhancing the school’s community and social spirit.


A mother’s attendance at school is an important factor in promoting communication and learning between the family and the school. Contributes to improving children’s learning experience and provides psychological and emotional support to them. In addition, it promotes school community affiliation and contributes to the promotion of social bonds. Therefore, mother’s attendance at school must be encouraged and cooperation between the family and the school strengthened to enhance the child’s success in learning.

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