Knitting Thru April – I is for Intarsia

Colorwork was one of my first interests when I started knitting.  There are several ways to achieve the effect of colorwork in a project, including Fair Isle, double-knitting, and slip-stitch. Intarsia is a simple way to create blocks of color. Typically used for an image or shape in the center of another color.

The first sweater I ever created was inspired by Kaffe Fassett who is renowned for his color work. The back is intarsia colorwork designed to look like trees in autumn on the side of a mountain. I took some artistic license with the colors.

It looks complex but it is merely a series of yarn changes. Using intarsia, I knit with one color at a time and wrapped the yarn ends around each other.

Here is the back side where you can see how the yarns are wrapped together to keep the integrity of the garment and prevent holes.

I love working with color but don’t have any talent for drawing or painting.  With the endless options in yarn, I finally have an outlet for my color creations.

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