Knitting Thru April – K is for Knots

When you really think about it, knitting is just two sticks used to twist yarn into a series of knots.  With two simple knots, knit and purl, you can create an endless combination of patterns. The simplicity that creates such complexity is mind-boggling.

Our ancestors probably had mundane uses for knitting when they developed knit and purl stitches.  Those with more artistry took the craft to another level by using the beauty created by adding increases, decreases, and yarnovers.  Here are some beautiful examples.

As much as I love the symmetry and undulating waves of lacework, I will always enjoy the simplicity of the knit stitch in the stockinette pattern.  There are no special effects or complex instructions.  Just knit across one row and purl across the next row.  It creates a simple, elegant fabric.

To this day it amazes me that such simple tools can create a product so versatile and unique to each knitter.  Yarn strung together with a series of knots and twists. I know as long as this level of simplicity fascinates me, knitting will be a part of my life forever.  Do you have something you are equally passionate about?


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