Knitting Thru April – L is for Lace

Knitting Thru April – L is for Lace

You might have noticed by now I have a thing for lace knitting.  Lace edgings, lace shawls, and all the ways you can slip a bit of lace into any pattern are enchanting to me.  Lace has to be one of the most complex and daunting techniques in knitting.  As a knitter grows in proficiency, their skill at recognizing problems early and fixing mistakes become well tuned.

With lace, all bets are off.  If you make a mistake in lace knitting you have to rip it back.  It can be next to impossible to see where you might have gone wrong or how to correct the mistake.  By the time you even see the mistake, it can be all over.

So as much as I love lace and dream of one day doing a wedding ring shawl (it’s so fine and delicate you can pull the whole thing through a wedding ring), I have only attempted to do one lace shawl before.  It was a traumatic experience with three rips back to the cast-on before I finally finished it.  But my mom loved this pattern so I worked on it for almost a year.

The lace is really simple and I learned a lot about doing lace work.  For example, there is a cool technique that can help to prevent ripping a project out called a lifeline. When you know are at a place where the pattern is correct you run a piece of thread along the needle underneath the yarn.  This creates a stopping point should you have to rip a project back.  It keeps you from having to start over again. Of course mine fell out so learn from my mistake and tie the ends of the lifeline together to prevent this from happening to you.

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