Knitting Thru April – N is for Needles

Knitting Thru April – N is for Needles

You can’t knit without needles. Well, you can.  There is a thing called finger knitting used to teach young children about knitting.  But knitting requires needles and there are so many cool choices out there.

When I started knitting I used bamboo needles.  These are great for beginners because they are just a little bit sticky to prevent you from losing your needles or dropping stitches.

As I became more advanced, I started to fall in love with circular needles.  They are easier on the hands, hold infinitely more stitches than straight needles and can be used in flat knitting or circular knitting.  I am coveting these beautiful harmony needles from KnitPicks but haven’t added them to my supply of needles yet. The colors are so fun.

When I learned about nickle-plated needles, my knitting has changed dramatically.  The top of the line are Addi-Turbos.  The stitches slide along these needles effortlessly and allow me to knit to my heart’s content.  I have a version like the Addis from KnitPicks.  They work just as well as the Addis for a portion of the cost.  Best of all my set is interchangeable so I always have the right size needles when I need them.  Now I just need a cool case for all my needles…and maybe another set for all the projects I have going right now.

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