Knitting Thru April – O is for O-Ring Marker

In knitting, we count…a lot.  You count stitches, rows, repeats.  It’s endless and necessary if you want your knitting to turn out like the picture. What is really important is having a tool for keeping track of your counting. Sometimes you need to know where you are in the stitch pattern and when your next repeat starts. I have tried it without stitch markers but it makes for easy mistakes.

Stitch markers are used on the needles between stitches.  They are so essential you would be hard pressed to find a knitter without a container full of stitch markers in their notions bag (notions bags are for all the little gadgets we knitters use).

There are different kinds of stitch markers.  You can be very fancy with these designer stitch markers. If you like these kinds of things you must check out Tracy’s work.  She has an Etsy Shop and her designs are gorgeous. Just click on either photo for a link to her site.

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