Knitting Thru April – Q is for Qiviut

Knitting Thru April – Q is for Qiviut

We are on to another great yarn that I can only hope to touch in this lifetime.  Qiviut is so rare and valuable it is hard to even find the yarn let alone have the money to buy it.  Qiviut is from the underbelly of the Musk Ox in Alaska.  Every spring they shed their coat and farmers harvest it by combing the musk ox by hand. Here is a video about a Musk Ox farm in Alaska courtesy of Alaska.org.

Musk Ox Farm

Everything is gathered by hand and then goes through several stages of processing to produce the yarn.  Each musk ox will shed enough Qiviut to fill one standard size garbage bag.  The intensive processing (hand-gathering) and limited supply make this a highly coveted yarn. It is so light-weight yet warm, a thin layer provides the warmth of a bulky wool sweater.

This is what Qiviut looks like in the early stages of processing.

Someday I want to make a hat or scarf with this yarn.  At $100 for one skein with 200 yards of yarn, it will certainly be a luxury.  A girl can dream though.

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