Knitting Thru April – R is for Ravelry

Knitting Thru April – R is for Ravelry

Knitting is taking the world by storm.  It has become a huge industry in a matter of years.  Decades ago women stopped knitting because feminism called them out of the home. Now we are embracing the need for creativity.  Personally, I think the internet had a lot to do with the upsurge of knitting into popular culture.

One of the hottest knitting websites on the internet is Ravelry.  Anyone who knits, crochets or just loves yarn is on Ravelry and it has everything you could need to connect about knitting.  An individual can catalog their yarn stash, projects in all stages from planning to completion, and their favorite patterns. There are groups for every imaginable topic and forums to answer any question. It really is a one-stop shopping place for knitters to gather information, support and camaraderie.

All day and night knitters congregate on Ravelry to connect and share their passion.  It is the Facebook for knitters and it creates a community around a rather solitary practice. Knitting is the kind of craft you can go anywhere but if you don’t have any knitting friends it is a lonely practice. I can relate because I don’t have many knitting friends who enjoy it the way I do.  I have my weekly knitting group and Ravelry.  With Ravelry, there are infinite ways to make friends, learn new skills and show off your knitting talent. It is the go-to place.

If you have any interest in knitting Ravelry is really the place to start.

I would like to congratulate Ravelry!  They recently hit 1 million members and they are showing no sign of slowing down. Way to go!

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