Knitting Thru April ~ T is for Tools

Knitting Thru April – T is for Tools

I have mentioned how knitting is two sticks, yarn and a bunch of knots.  In essence that is all, you need to knit.  But I think as a species we love our gadgets.  Just about any craft or hobby has a million gadgets you can purchase.

In knitting, our gadgets are called notions.  I’m not sure why but you will often hear a knitter refer to her notions bag.  Here are the absolute must-haves for any knitting notions toolkit.


These are a must. Inevitably you will need to trim, break or somehow sever your yarn.  Every crafter of any kind needs a good pair of scissors in their toolkit.  I love these beautiful vintage scissors.  They make me want to work on a project just to have a reason to cut something.

Measuring Tape

Knitters need a measuring tape for so many things.  We measure the individual to ensure their garment will fit.  More importantly, knitters need to measure their garments to know when to change the pattern to accommodate increases and decreases to properly shape their knitting. You can’t make clothes or accessories for people to wear without the right measurements.

Crochet Hook

You might wonder why a knitter would need a crochet hook.  The reality is, it’s a handy tool.  To be honest, I have tried crochet before.  I didn’t enjoy it as much as I do knitting and it uses up way more yarn.  On the upside, you can create something much faster with crochet.  But when you are knitting, a crochet hook is wonderful for picking up a stitch that has been dropped.  It grabs the stitch easily and holds it in place allowing the knitter to correct their mistake easily. I never leave the house without a crochet hook in my knitting bag.  Bad Karma!

Stitch Markers

We have talked about ring markers (aka stitch markers) already so I won’t devote a lot of time here.  Suffice it to say they are very handy and helpful for following patterns.

Tapestry Needle

Tapestry needles are ideal tools for finishing a knitting project.  It is used for weaving in the many ends that pop out of the work when you join new yarn to your project.  Knitters also use tapestry needles for sewing garment pieces together and adding decorative detail like double-stitch embroidery.  This is another never leave home without it tool.  You just never know when the need will arise.

As you can see there are all sorts of variations for knitting tools. It is one more way for knitters to express their creativity and love of knitting. What are some of your favorite tools that you use in your hobby?

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