Knitting Thru April – U is for Unravel

Knitting Thru April – U is for Unravel

Unraveling has become the new way to upcycle.  Until recently unraveling yarn is every knitter’s worst case scenario.  It’s so bad we have code words because we don’t even want to say we are ripping out our knitting.  We talk about frogging because we rip-it, rip-it.  I have also heard it called tink or tinking, which is knit backward because we are undoing our knitting.

There are few things worse to a knitter to be happily knitting along only to realize you have made a mistake that requires you to tear out your work and start over. Hopefully not from the beginning but trust me, it happens…a lot.

Now with so many people interesting in do-it-yourself projects, there are knitters who scour second-hand stores for sweaters to intentionally unravel them for yarn to knit another project. To me, this is the ultimate in upcycled clothing. Taking a completed sweater and taking it down to its original yarn in order to knit a project.  That is a dedication to your craft.

It is a cool technique for those who are adventurous.  I definitely recommend that you begin with a sweater a few sizes larger than you need.  You will need the extra yarn, just in case.  It’s not like you can just go to the store and buy more yarn. What extremes will you go to in order to practice your craft?

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