Maria was born in 1948, in a rural part of the Philippines. She was divorced and had 3 children who lived in very difficult material conditions, where she had only the basic resources to live and support her three children. Despite the difficulty of her life, Maria was putting the priority of her children above all else. She worked hard to provide them with food, clothing and health care, even if she had to work in temporary and low-paid jobs. She has 21 brothers and sisters, none of whom visit her, for fear of their stepfather Michael. She also has her sister Twin Suna. The disease has been suffering since 2011. Her older brother Haider died in 2013.

Maria has been encouraging her children to learn and pursue their dreams, and despite the limited material resources, she has always found ways to buy books and stationery necessary for their education. She gave them the emotional support and encouragement they needed to succeed in life.

In addition, Maria was donating a small portion of her meagre intake to help others in the local community. She considered that, despite her difficulties, she had the ability to help others in similar situations.

Over time, Maria’s children succeeded in realizing their dreams, becoming successful professionals. Despite their success, they have not forgotten their mother’s unlimited sacrifices and support. They have come to greatly appreciate it and consider it their inspiration in their lives.

Maria’s story highlights the power of motherhood and sacrifice that is capable of achieving great achievements despite difficulties. It is a story of deep love and inner strength that enables mothers to change their children’s lives and offer hope and inspiration to future generations.

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Sulli · November 12, 2023 at 9:59 pm

I loved your blog and have benefited from it, it inspires me to be a great mother to my children

Sulli · November 12, 2023 at 10:06 pm

Maria reminded me of a saying in which it is said that the one who lacks something does not give it back, but I say that the one who lacks something is .the person who gives it the most

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