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Old Fashion Lessons We Try To Teach Our Kids

4 Life-long Lessons to Teach Your Kids

old fashion lessonsWhile society continues to change each and every year it seems, my husband and I try to continue to teach our children old fashion lessons. There is still much to learn from our ancestors and many lessons created back in the day still apply today. Below are a few of these old fashion lessons we hope to instill in our children.

1. Treat Others How You Want to be Treated

The age-old lesson is one that never gets old. Everyone should treat others as they wish to be treated instead of being mean or unfriendly. If everyone learned how to be nice to everyone else, the world would be a little less cruel. We hope that our children can learn how to be nice to others so that they will influence others and create a cycle of kindness.

2. Yes Ma’am and Yes Sir

Children should also be taught to be courteous to others, saying Yes Ma’am and Yes Sir, No Ma’am and No Sir when spoken to. This shows a sign of respect and politeness. You want your child to continue to be respectful and show kindness to others as they go about their daily activities.

3. Please and Thank You

Another form of respect for others is saying please and thank you. We want our children to understand that when someone does something for you, you respond in kind. Saying please when you need something and saying thank you once an item or service is completed. This is another way of showing kindness to others and words that are often forgotten by adults. If we teach our children to say these phrases while they are young, they will hopefully continue to do so as adults.

4. Respect Your Elders

Respecting the elderly is very important to my husband and I. The older generation has much to teach us. We talk to our children about how the seniors have knowledge that we can use and often let the children talk to their grandparents, telling them to really listen to what they have to say. We volunteer at senior citizen homes when we can to show the importance of caring and respecting the elderly.

Overall, it is important to teach your children to be good people. You want your kids to be nice and courteous, helping others when they can. By teaching the age-old life lessons, your children can grow up to be quality citizens and someone you admire.

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