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best family roadtripsOur family loves road trips.  We got the kids started on road trips from an early age so they would be great travelers.  The first few trips were tough but they have settled in and really enjoy getting into the car to travel.

Every year we travel through Pennsylvania.  We have family that lives in southern Pennsylvania and we are always looking for fun things to do, both on our trip through Pennsylvania and when we are visiting.

While I was looking into pa-road trips I found some great places to check out that we would be traveling right by on our way.  There are tons of things to do with the kids as well as wine and beer tours for the adults.  We were even able to find a couple of places within driving distance of the in-laws to check out on our next trip.

We are really excited to try the Kidsylvania road trip through the Alleganies.  It has some great stops and will be perfect for all the kids and keep the adults entertained as well. We have several history buffs in our family and the Historic Johnstown will be a perfect stop. Each day on the itinerary has a children’s museum or park to keep the kids engaged and enjoying themselves.

Best of all I love the restaurant suggestions.  No guessing about where to eat and will the food be good or kid-friendly.  All the work is done for us.

If you are planning a trip to Pennsylvania, you have to check out pa-road trips.  There are several great options for the whole family or just the adults.  Maybe on our next trip, we will check out a winery tour and leave the kids with the grandparents.

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