The Accidental Siren by Jake Vander Ark – Book Review

The Accidental Siren by Jake Vander Ark ~ Book Review

Mara Lynn is the most beautiful girl in the world. James Parker is the ordinary boy who discovers her power.

The year is 1994. James, a pudgy twelve-year-old, responds to an ad for a used camcorder at a mysterious suburban home. Before he can knock on the door, he notices boys–a dozen at least–frozen amongst the trees behind the house. Their faces are blank. One boy presses “record” on a walkman and holds it above his head… and then James hears it, the voice of a little girl. Sweet; high like a songbird without the shrill. It was a church song. It came from inside the house.

James doesn’t know it yet, but the girl he’s about to meet is a modern-day siren.

The Accidental Siren depicts the joys and consequences of young love as Mara and James meet, shoot a movie, fend off bullies, and explore the potential of infinite beauty.

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In My Opinion

The best books are the ones you can’t stop reading.  You just have to know what is going to happen next.  The Accidental Siren is all of that.  Vander Ark has created a story that you can’t stop reading with characters that you love and hate.  James, the leading character, is adorable and you just want to hug him.  Mara is alluring and psychotic all at the same time. I love complex characters and all of these were point on in their multi-layered personalities.

I have to admit I was reluctant to read this story.  I don’t enjoy pubescent love stories. They don’t call to me even though I do enjoy a good adolescent sci-fi or fantasy story.  I guess the throw back to romance in those awkward days are just too much for my damaged teenage psyche.  This story is different in that you can relate to difficulties of the young people in a way that reminds you it wasn’t just you that had troubles in your teens.

Vander Ark is a talented writer with a wonderful gift for crafting with the written word.  I am excited that he has chosen to write as a means for his passion.  I look forward to reading his other books and finding more great gems from this young man.

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