The Most Popular Dance Moves of 2016

The Most Popular Dance Moves of 2016

With the rise of social media, viral dance crazes spread more quickly than ever. If you haven’t caught on to the most popular dance trends of 2016, then you are either too old for this generation, or too out of touch. This article is meant to help people in either boat. It is never too late to impress your friends at the dance club with your social media anointed moves.

So where do we begin? It seems as though there is a new dance move each week. We’ve put together a list of the moves heating up this year. Take notes:


The Watch Me

This is a dance that has been rapidly embraced by young and hip teens all around the nation. The dance takes moves from the Bop, the Nae Nae, and Stanky leg to create an incredible concoction of ridiculous fun. Look up a rapper called “SILENTO”, he calls out a total of 9 popular moves from other hip-hop artists over the course of the song, making this dance an epic ride for those new and accustomed to hip-hop.


The Twerk 

That’s right, the twerk is still here. Many argue that since the rise of the twerk it has only grown in popularity, evolving and transforming into a more delicate art. Learning about this move is easy and there are even twerking how-to videos to watch. Simply google how-to-twerk, and you will see millions of videos demonstrating the twerk in all of its glorious forms.


The twerk has even progressed to welcome members of all races and both genders. Yes, you will find videos of white men twerking in the year 2016. What a time to be alive, right?


The Dab

This is one dance that will surely leave those of older generations confused. It is a dance where the hip young person drops their head whilst simultaneously bringing their arms up, burrowing their head into their elbow.


Many have noted that the gesture resembles that of a sneezing motion. The origins of this genius move have been traced to artists such as “Migos” in his song “Look at My Dab”. Though it originated in the southern region of the United States, The Dab has quickly become a nation-wide phenomenon, touching the hearts of professional athletes, dancers, and club goers everywhere.


The Nae Nae 

Although the “Watch me” song mentioned earlier includes this dance, it is being mentioned again because it is simply golden. We highly recommended that you look up the very popular video, “Watch me” by SILENTO, who displays the move beautifully.


To Nae Nae, keep your knees bent, and legs at about shoulder length with your feet angled out. Bring your arm above your head (this is the whip), bent slightly, while you rock your body from side to side, swaying gracefully. Again, this one isn’t easy, and watching a video is crucial to getting it down.

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