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Tips for Throwing The Perfect Birthday Party

5 Ways to Throw the Perfect Birthday Party for Kids


kids birthdayWith three kids, I have plenty of experience with birthday parties. For years I have planned out each and every one of my children’s birthday parties and they have turned out perfectly! I love being a part of their special day and they know how much I love them to see how much time and effort I put into each party. Because we have been blogging together as a family, I thought I would include a post on how to throw a perfect birthday party, helping you to stay on budget and get ideas on what you can do. Check out my favorite tips below!

1) Consider The Month of Birth and Age of Child

To get started, you need to consider the month of birth as well as the age of your child. Is your daughter turning 6 in August? This would be the perfect time to have a pool party. Is your son turning 15 in December? Then you might want to consider a video gaming party at home. The month is important to consider as you want to choose a party type that will go well with the weather, with no problems. You also want the party to be age appropriate for your child so they will have a good time as well.

2) Find the Perfect Venue

The perfect venue can be hard to find. Many parents stick with easy options such as the local skating rink or community center. Consider your budget and type of party you wish to have before considering venues. You need to know an estimated number of guests you will have as well as activities you plan on hosting. If you will be having a small party, your home may do just fine, saving you time and money.

3) Character Fun

One of the easiest themes to choose for a child’s party is characters. Whatever your kids are in to is a pretty good option when it comes to choosing the theme. If your kids like SpongeBob or Paw Patrol, you should have no trouble finding decorations or coming up with themed games and activities to enjoy. Consider who your children like and how you can incorporate this into their party.

4) Decorate on a Budget

Decorating is always fun but can get really expensive, especially when you are hosting a character themed party. Consider sticking to neutral colors and visiting your local dollar store for decorations. You will find streamers, balloons, plates and more in solid colors and prints that will go well with your theme. Spend only a few dollars for everything you need instead of $5 on just a pack of plates. This will help you to have more money to spend on the venue or other areas of the party. You will also find party favors and additional materials that can be used to create decorations. Get creative and see what you can come up with to save money for your child’s party.

5) Create Your Own Cake

Since I became a mom, I have baked my children’s birthday cakes. I started out with a simple cake and over the years learned how to pipe icing to create more intricate designs. If you are not an advanced cake baker, you can still create a lovely cake for your child. Purchase character kits or use figurines to place on top of a sheet cake to make a cool cake for the birthday party. You will find there are several ways to do this to save a ton of money as well as allow you to bring something special to the party.

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