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Top Sources I Use for My Children’s Homework

Best Sources for Your Children Homeworks


Kids homeworkChildren never like to have homework after school, but as an adult, I don’t look forward to it either. With today’s curriculum and teaching methods, it can be hard as the parent to help your child with their homework. Countless times, I have seen my children bring home math homework that I just cannot explain to them, especially in the way that they are being taught. It can be very frustrating, spending hours to finish homework that should really just take a few minutes. Thankfully, there are ways to get help, when you just do not understand how to do the work your kids need to complete.

Google is Your Friend


Google can be used for anything. Most everyone will say ‘just Google it’ when an answer is needed. This can also be said for homework. Whenever I cannot find the answer to a problem, especially math, I will Google it. You can usually find a resource that will assist you in solving the problem as well as helping your child understand the steps involved. This is my top choice when I am trying to solve most homework issues.


College Students/Older Children


If you have older children or know college students, they can also be of help. My oldest daughter, Catherine, often helps our younger children with their homework when I cannot. She has done the work before and remembers the steps, being able to show how to complete the work and help the other children understand the methods as well. If you know college students, they can also be a resource. Many college students offer tutoring services and this can be a great way to help your child with homework on a subject they may be having trouble with.


School Assistance


If you find that you are constantly having issues with your kid’s homework, you can receive assistance from the school. Most schools offer quality programs or websites to help with homework. You will be able to find outlets to help you in your need for homework assistance, to help your child succeed in their school work. You can contact the school to see what resources are available or check out Parent pages on the school website.

Helping your child with their homework can be hard and discouraging. Thankfully, there are ways you can help by seeking the assistance of others. Try your best and do not be afraid to ask for help when you are not able to get through to your child.

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