We are off to Disney

Next spring will be dream come true for our family.  We are going to take our 5-year-old twins to Disney World.  We are being given this opportunity in part because my parents have some nice accommodations for us.  But we have been saving for several years for this pleasure.

Many years ago as a single woman, I went with a beau.  It was a fun experience because I love rides and exploring new places.  This time I am going to see it through the eyes of my twins and my nephews who are 11 and 12.

I have been thinking of all the places I would like to take them.  I want to see all the attractions.  I really enjoyed Epcot when I was there the first time.  Moving from country to country in just a few hundred feet was my favorite part.  My fondest memory was trying barbeque eel sushi for the first time in the Japan Pavilion.  I will always remember that trip for that reason. I know sushi is not for everyone but our whole family loves it dearly.  That my children enjoy sushi as much as their parents is such a treat. I am not sure how they will enjoy the slowness of Epcot but I have to get there for at least one day.

Seeing the Magic Kingdom through my kids eyes will be the highlight though.  They are so fun loving and open to magic, I can’t wait to indulge their imaginations. I remember riding on Space Mountain and wishing to have a child that loves roller coasters as much as I do.  I know my son will LOVE Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

The one thing that concerns me with this whole trip is how my kids will hold up to all the walking and activity.  My daughter still likes to take the occasional nap and I would hate to have to miss the fun to accommodate one child’s sleep schedule.  I am thinking about getting a pushchair for moving around the park.  It seems like it would be easy to carry excess baggage when it is not housing an exhausted child.  There is no way I am going to be able to carry either of them through the park.

At the same time, they are 5 years old and I feel like we shouldn’t have to lug equipment around with us anymore.  The idea of keeping track of extra equipment is really defeating.  Aren’t they supposed to outgrow this stuff someday?

If you have taken an adventure like this with your kids, how have you prepared for the inevitable exhausted child that wants to be carried?

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