Pregnancy is an important and sensitive period in a woman’s life, where she needs special care to maintain her health and the safety of the fetus. Healthy nutrition plays a crucial role in promoting maternal health and the proper development of the foetus. There are some foods to avoid or reduce their consumption during pregnancy, so as to reduce potential risks. Here’s a list of some foods you might need to avoid:

  1. High-mercury fish: Includes fish such as shark, sword, white tuna and eye-spotted. This type of fish contains elevated levels of mercury, which can be harmful to the development of the fetus’s nervous system.
  2. Wholly uncooked meat: Eating uncooked meat should be avoided completely, such as uncooked mince and uncooked pork. These meats may contain bacteria such as salmonella and listeria, which can cause food poisoning.
  3. Unclean or non-sterile foods: You should avoid eating foods that may be unclean or non-sterile, such as street foods or foods that are not properly cooled. These foods may contain bacteria or viruses that may negatively affect maternal and fetal health.
  4. Raw fish and seafood: You should avoid eating raw fish and seafood, such as sushi, oster and uncooked oysters. These foods contain the risk of food poisoning as a result of the bacteria and viruses in them.
  5. Foods rich in vitamin A excess: It is recommended to avoid eating large amounts of foods rich in vitamin A, such as the liver of animals and some types of fatty fish. Excessive amounts of vitamin A can be harmful to the fetus.
  6. Foods with high caffeine content: It is preferable to reduce caffeine intake during pregnancy. Caffeine can affect iron absorption and increase the risk of abortion.
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